Cenex Lubricants


When you need to keep things moving, rely on Cenex® lubricants. The Garden City Co-op has products for all types of applications, from heavy-duty trucks to hard-working tractors... from high powered construction to sporty recreational vehicles. The Cenex line of products spans the full range of technologies, including conventional lubricant fluids, full and partial synthetics, and bio lubes made with vegetable oil.

Proven Cenex lubricants are manufactured with the finest lube oil base stocks and specially blended additives. Our lubricant product categories include engine oil, tractor fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, two-cycle engine oil, four-stroke lawn & garden and recreational engine oil, industrial lubricants and other specialty categories.

For more information on bulk or packaged lubricants or the Total Protection Warranty Plan, contact the Garden City Co-op by calling 620-276-8301.

Click here for MSDS Sheets or Product Data Sheets on Cenex-branded lubricants.

Below is a short summary about some of the more popular lubricants that we carry.

Conventional and Synthetic Blend Lubricants


SuperLube TMS® (Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil)

SuperLube TMS Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil features an advanced additive system for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines. It’s formulated with 25% more reserve capacity to protect engines operating under high load and high temperature conditions. The reserve capacity formulation has been proven in millions of miles and several thousand hours of field tests. SuperLube TMS meets or exceeds the specifications for manufacturer's warranties and can be used to meet warranty requirements .

    • Protects against sludge, varnish, engine wear and TBN loss.
    • Outstanding soot control.
    • Extended drain capacity.
    • Superior oxidation performance.
    • Formulated with hydrocracked base oils.
    • Superior TBN retention.
    • Excellent cold weather performance.
    • Available in 10w-30 and 15w-40.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

SuperLube 518TM (Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil)

SuperLube 518 is a field-proven, heavy-duty diesel oil engineered for high output diesel and old SR gasoline engines operating under severe conditions. In field tests, SuperLube 518 demonstrates excellent Total Base Number (TBN) retention. This means that the detergents and dispersants are working hard throughout the entire drain interval to protect your engine.

    • Protects against sludge, varnish, engine wear and TBN loss.
    • Excellent cold weather performance.
    • Superior oxidation performance.
    • Formulated with hydrocracked base oils.
    • Superior deposit control.
    • Available in 10W, 20W, 30, 40 and 50 grade.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

Qwiklift® HTBTM (Tractor Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid)

Qwiklift HTB exceeds current manufacturer's transmission/differential and hydraulic performance requirements.  Qwiklift HTB Low Viscosity provides excellent protection in cold weather and can also be used as a hydrostatic fluid. Qwiklift HTB meets or exceeds the recommendations for equipment manufacturer’s warranties and can be used to meet warranty requirements.

    • Reduces gear wear.
    • Prevents brake chatter.
    • Provides excellent seal protection.
    • Excellent oxidation control.
    • Qwiklift HTB is recommended for tractors that have common sump for transmission/differential and hydraulic systems.
    • Qwiklift HTB Low Viscosity is recommended for low-temperature applications and kydrostatic drives.
    • Qwiklift HTB is available in 10w-30 and Qwiklift HTB Low Viscosity is available in 5w-20.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

Auto GoldTM  Gasoline Engine Oil (Partial Synthetic Engine Oil)

Auto Gold is a proven performer in gasoline-powered passenger cars, light trucks, agricultural, commercial and industrial equipment. With its specially formulated additives package, Auto Gold protects, cleans and prevents engine wear to keep your vehicle running trouble-free.

    • Ideal for gasoline-powered passenger cars, light trucks and other gasoline-powered vehicles and equipment.
    • Maximum fuel economy. ILSAC approved.
    • Exceptional performance in cold weather.
    • Superior performance in high temperatures.
    • Antiwear protection to reduce wear.
    • Recommended for newer, higher performance gasoline engines.
    • Available in 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30, and 10w-40 HMO.
    • Meets or exceeds the recommendations for vehicle or equipment manufacturer's warranties and can be used to meet the requirements.

Irriflex® Low-Ash Irrigation Engine Oil

Irriflex Irrigation Oil is a low ash, high quality oil specially formulated for use in natural gas and LP engines where a low amount of metallic ash forming components are critical, such as irrigation engine applications. Irriflex Irrigation Engine Oils are formulated with high quality base oils and a premium additive system designed to control wear, deposits, oxidation and nitration.

    • Oxidation inhibitors and detergents minimize maintenance and maximize engine life by controlling deposits.
    • Reduces wear.
    • Used in mobile and stationary applications with various fuels.
    • Available in 20w-40.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

Drip Oil Irrigation Lubricant

Drip Oil is a premium paraffic Group 1 base oil. It is a light straw color and the proper viscosity for drip oil used to lubricate bearings found on vertical shaft driven deep well turbine pumps equipped with a drip oilier.

Drip Oil is highly refined base oil that contains no harmful additives that may contaminate underground water supplies. The naturally high viscosity index will provide consistent flow with temperature variations.

IndolTM Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Indol Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil is exceptional quality zinc containing anti-wear hydraulic oil designed to exceed the performance requirements of major pump manufacturers.

Indol oils are specially formulated with the highest quality HCG-2 base oils having outstanding stability. The addition of a uniquely balanced additive system provides total anti-wear, oxidation, thermal, hydrolytic stability, anti-rust, demulsibility, and anti-form performance.

The zinc anti-wear agent used in Indol oils helps minimize wear in high speed, high pressure vane and gear pumps while meeting the lubrication requirements. Indol oils are highly stable under thermal or oxidation stress and are exceptionally stable when in the presence of moisture.

Maxtron® DEO (Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil) 

Formulated for heavy-duty diesel engines working in the most extreme conditions. Maxtron DEO provides superior performance in any climate. Heavy-duty additives reduce deposits, limit wear and corrosion and suspend contaminants for longer engine life. This advanced blend meets or exceeds heavy-duty diesel engine requirements.

    • Excellent cold weather performance.
    • Exceptional soot control.
    • Excellent high-temperature/high-shear properties.
    • Protects engine parts against "volatility burn-off:.
    • Available in SAE 15w-40 and 5w-40.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

Maxtron® GO (Synthetic Blend Gasoline Engine Oil)

Maxtron GO is formulated to provide superior performance in gasoline-powered cars and light trucks. Its balanced formula promotes engine cleanliness and reduces wear. Maxtron GO delivers exceptional low-temperature pumpability as well as superior resistance to high temperatures.

    • Synthitic blend provides superior performance.
    • Protects newer engines from high temperatures.
    • ILSAC approved.
    • Exceptional performance in cold weather.
    • Provides maximum fuel economy.
    • Lower volatility means less high temperature "burn-off" and less oil consumption.
    • Available in SAE 5w-30 and 10w-30..
    • Meets or exceeds engine warranty requirements of car and light truck manufacturers.

Maxtron® GL (Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant)

Maxtron GL if formulated for extended drain intervals and severe service in heavy-duty, extreme pressure gear and axle applications. Maxtron GL can be used in pickups and SUVs calling for synthetic gear oil. Provides excellent protection in cold weather applications. Maxtron GL meets or exceeds manufacturer's warranty and extended drain requirements.

    • Longer drain intervals under OEM programs mean less down time and more profits.
    • Superior performance in Eaton, Rockwell and Spicer differentials.
    • Formulated with hydrocracked base oils.
    • Superior TBN retention.
    • Superb cold weather performance.
    • Backed by the Total Protection Plan Warranty for agricultural equipment.

Maxtron® MT (Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil)

Maxtron MT is designed for heavy-duty transmission applications, such as truck and bus fleets. Maxtron MT meets or exceeds manufacturer's manual transmission recommendations. Superb all-climate, year-around performance means less maintenance, longer life and the potential for better fuel economy.

    • MT1 approved.
    • Longer drain intervals means less down time, more profits.
    • Superior performance.
    • Easier cold weather shifting.
    • Less gear wear.

Other Conventional & Synthetic Lubricants

MP Gear Lube
Circle Three Engine and Transmission Fluid
Chain Bar Oil
Vacuum Pump Oil
Indol MV Premium Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil
Hydrostatic Fluid
Maxtron THF+ (All Season Synthetic Blend Tractor Hydraulic Fluid)


Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF Mercon®/Dexron® III (Automatic Transmission Fluid)

ATF Mercon/Dexron III meets the high standards for frictional characteristics, transmission cleanliness and low temperature pumpability required at General Motors and Ford.

    • Excellent cold temperature performance.
    • Provides superior oxidation protection for high transmission temperatures in newer cars.
    • Type F Transmission Fluid is also available for older Ford vehicles and some hydraulic applications.

Premium Cenex Grease

Blue Gard® 500+

Blue Gard 500+ is a premium multipurpose high temperature grease. If you're looking for a premium grease that's flexible enough for any application, yet tough enough to handle severe conditions, choose Blue Gard 500+. Expect great performance in all temperatures--even at extremes up to 500ºF. Blue Gard 500+ provides a formulation that protects your equipment from rust, oxidation and wear--and extends equipment life. Great for automotive, industrial and farm use with extreme pressure protection.

Molyplex™ 500+

Molyplex 500+ is a premium multipurpose high temperature grease. Under certain conditions, equipment loads become so great that no ordinary grease can prevent metal-to-metal contact. That's when you need Molyplex 500+. It contains 1.3% Moly (molybdenum disulfide), one of the most effective dry film lubricating substances available. Moly protects against extreme pressures and shock loading. Great for automotive, industrial and farm use with extreme pressure protection.

Maxtron® EP Synthetic Lithium Complex Grease

Maxtron EP is great for automotive, industrial and farm use with extreme pressure (EP) protection. Extreme conditions call for extra-ordinary lubrication. Maxtron EP reduces friction between metal parts, especially in severe load and shock-loading applications. Maxtron EP contains 3% Moly (molybdenum disulfide).

ML 365 Grease

ML365 is the grease you can use all year long -- any season, any application. Whether it's used in agricultural, automotive, construction or industrial environments, ML 365 provides excellent wear protection and withstands heavy shock loading too.

Recreational Lubricants

Marine Xtreme Two-Cycle Oil

Advanced ashless additive system keeps two-cycle engines clean. May be used at any gasoline/oil ratio recommended by engine manufacturers, including oil injection systems. Prediluted SAE 40 viscosity is easier to mix with gasoline. National Marine Manufacturers Association, TC-W3 certified.


ATV Xtreme Four-Stroke Engine Oil

Recommended for all four-stroke ATV's providing critical wear and extra rust protection for extreme environments. ATV Xtreme also has superior weather performance including cold start to -35F.


Cenex 2-Cycle Small Engine Oil

Specially formulated for high performance air-cooled or liquid cooled two-cycle engines equipped with power valves. Reduces combustion chamber deposits and prevents piston scuffing.



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