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The Garden City Co-op, Inc.

In looking at where we are going, there is no way we can not look at where we came from. We came from a group of people who were strong and determined and full of hope. They saw a future through drought, hail and dust storms, and continued to believe that there would be rain. And more times than not, they were not disappointed. The rain came, the crops grew and there was strength in the survival. Since it’s founding in 1919, The Garden City Co-op, Inc. has also hoped for the rain, and when it came, celebrated with its member/owners, now over 2,000 strong.

In this refocusing, we now find ourselves realizing the importance of the strength of core businesses. The Grain Division, with 20 elevators covering an area from Ulysses in the south to Shields in the north, is capable of storing 25,937,000 bushels in the elevators and 2,348,000 bushels in the bunkers at Lowe for a total storage capacity of 28,285,000 bushels. The Crop Production Division, with locations at Lowe, Dighton, and Plymell, serve farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and handles distribution of both fertilizer and chemical through state of the art application equipment. The Petroleum Division now holds the honor of being the largest distributor of Cenex refined fuels and is one of the largest distributors of Cenex lubricants in the United States. Being able to provide service to these divisions through Western Transport, our Transportation Division, facilitates the need for products in a timely manner.

With a Board of Directors comprised of 7 Directors and 4 Associate Directors, and an employee group of approximately 150, we continue to look for the rain and when it comes, we continue to celebrate.

Commitment Statement

"Moving Forward Together"

Core Values

1.   Trustworthy 
2.   Stable & Dependable 
3.   Innovative

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