Cenex Wintermaster


Each year, Cenex Wintermaster Winterized Premium Diesel Fuel delivers over 100,000,000 miles of trouble free performance.  Developed for customers in extremely cold climates, it's specially formulated to keep diesel-powered equipment going strong in severely cold conditions.  Wintermaster provides operability in temperatures as low as -30º F, (CFPP) while optimizing power and engine performance.

Count on Cenex Wintermaster to deliver:
  • Advanced performance and extreme low-temperature operability, as low as -30º F (CFPP)
  • De-icers and demulsifiers to reduce moisture related problems
  • Up to 5% improved fuel efficiency than standard wintereized fuels*
  • High cetane for quicker starts, smoother running and longer engine life
  • Superior protection for vital engine parts
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs

Agricultural users enrolled in the Cenex Total Protection Plan will also be happy to know that they can use Wintermaster as their Cenex premium diesel fuel -- providing great diesel fuel performance along with great warranty coverage.

*Regular use of Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels can provide up to 5% more fuel efficiency and up to 4.5% more power compared with standard #2 diesel, as shown in independent testing. Actual results may vary based on equipment and operating conditions.




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