Cenex Bulk & Packaged Lubricants


Garden City Co-op provides its customers with premium Cenex branded lubricants in packaged and bulk quantities. With a full line of oils and greases, you can rest assure that all of your lubricant needs will be met. Combine the quality of Cenex lubricants with their Total Protection Plan Warranty and you can be confident that the lubricants you are using will help keep your equipment running smoothly.



Bulk Lubricants

There are a lot of reasons to buy your oil products in bulk from the Garden City Co-op.

  • You get a better price on every gallon you buy.
  • You get it delivered right to your farm or business.
  • You don't have any containers to discard.

Perhaps the best reason of all may be that when you buy in bulk from the Garden City Co-op, you're getting quality Cenex Brand lubricants which give your equipment the best protection you can get and prevents costly repairs down the road.

Most of the oil inventory that we carry in packaged, we also stock in bulk. We carry approximately twenty different products in our bulk line, from engine oils to gear oils. Keep in mind, you do not have to be a large user of lubricants to buy in bulk and capture the savings versus buying in packaged. Give us a call and we can explain the different options.

Bulk oils available at the Garden City Co-op, Inc. are:

Engine Oils: Gear Oils:
Superlube TMS 15w-40 MP Gear Lube 80w-90
Irriflex Multigrade 20w-40(Low Ash) MP Gear Lube 85w-140
Irriflex 40 (Low Ash) AGMA 4 EP Rock and Drill
Irriflex 30 (Low Ash) AGMA 5 EP Rock and Drill
Superlube 518 30w  
NGEO 3000 40w (No Ash) Transmission Fluids:
Auto Gold 10w-30 Mercon Dexron III
Auto Gold 5w-30 Power Trans. SAE 10
Auto Gold 5w-20 Power Trans. SAE 30
Maxtron 15w-40(Synthetic)  
  Other Oils:
Hydraulic Oils: Irrigation Drip Oil
Qwik Lift HTB  
Indol ISO 46  
Circle Three  



Bulk Oil Program

Garden City Co-op offers a Bulk Oil Program with Cenex Brand Lubricants to its patrons. This program is designed to provide our patrons with convenient storage and quality oil to help reduce the costs and time of purchasing oil. The program is outlined below:

  1. Garden City Co-op supplies the oil totes (265 gallon tote tanks) through a no-cost lease to the patron.
  2. Set-up of the totes is the responsibility of the patron.
  3. The oil totes must be filled with Cenex Brand oils supplied by the Garden City Co-op.
  4. Garden City Co-op delivers the oil on a keep-full basis or upon customer request.
  5. Price per gallon delivered is subject to change.

A Garden City Co-op bulk oil set-up can save you time and money, leaving more for other areas of your operation. With quality products and exceptional service, you can rest assured that we will help you to keep your equipment running smoothly.

With the Total Protection Plan Warranty, you know you are getting a quality product. That's right! Cenex is confident of its oil and fuel performance. Does your current oil supplier offer a warranty?



Packaged Lubricants

Garden City Co-op, Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Cenex lubricants. In our packaged lubricant line, we have package sizes available from single quarts up to 256 gallon totes. We are able to package many of our own buckets and barrels, making it much more affordable to our patrons. We offer a full line of oil products for whatever application you need.

Packaged oils available at the Garden City Co-op, Inc. are:

Engine Oils: Diesel engine oils
  Gas engine oils
  Natural gas engine oils
Hydraulic Oils: Industrial hydraulic system oils
  Air compressor and vacuum pump oils
  Irrigation hydraulic oils
Gear Oils: Automobile and truck differential oils
  Agricultural and construction equipment
Transmission Oils: Automobile transmission oils
  Light truck transmission oils
  Heavy duty truck transmission oils
Tractor Fluids: Transmission
  Wet brakes
Greases: Multipurpose
  Chassis lubrication
  Extreme pressure greases
  Corn head grease
  Synthetic lithium grease


For more information on bulk or packaged lubricants or the Total Protection Warranty Plan, contact the Garden City Co-op by calling 620-276-8301.

Click here on Cenex Lubricants for a short summary about some of the more popular lubricants that we carry.



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