Cenex Refined Fuels


The Garden City Co-op is committed to providing innovative, high-quality, dependable fuels to you. We do this by purchasing our fuels from CHS. They sell more than 3 billion gallons of refined fuels annually, including gasoline and diesel. While some U.S. companies are exiting the energy business, CHS is making substantial investments to upgrade their refineries to meet changing emissions requirements and squeeze more fuel out of every barrel of crude oil. Their fuel products are moved via 1,200 miles of pipeline, 10 terminals, over 250 third party terminals, and a truck fleet logging nearly 35 million miles a year to more than 1,600 Cenex-branded locations.

Cenex fuels have been proven to go the extra mile in test after test...in car after car...in fleet after fleet. Cenex Roadmaster XL premium highway diesel fuel, for example combines a specially balanced additive package with a high-quality base fuel to provide a smart, high-performance fuel that watches over your diesel-powered engines and your fuel budget. You can count on Cenex fuels to deliver more power for pulling heavy loads, to provide outstanding engine protection, and to come through with smart solutions like Cenex Wintermaster Winterized Premium Diesel Fuel for days when the temperature plunges to -30 degrees.

CHS is also dedicated to providing cleaner power and fresher air. They've proudly introduced advances such as Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster B2 soy premium biodiesel fuel -- an innovative biofuel that meets customer needs while providing new markets for American agricultural products. Through their network of Cenex-branded retailers, they are the nation's largest retailer of E85 ethanol and/or other alternative fuel blends.

CHS provides a wide variety of refined fuel products to meet a broad spectrum of vehicle and equipment fuel needs. As a leading developer of cleaner burning bioenergy products, CHS delivers biodiesel and ethanol blends. Other products, such as Wintermaster and Cenex Roadmaster XL, deliver advanced performance under demanding conditions.

Click below to find out more about Cenex-brand fuel products from CHS:

Cenex Gasoline
Cenex Roadmaster XL Premium Diesel Fuel (on road)
Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel (off road)
Cenex Wintermaster Premium Winterized Diesel Fuel
Cenex Renewable Fuels

Click here for MSDS Sheets or Product Data Sheets on Cenex-branded fuels.




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