Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster


No one understands the unique challenges of agriculture better than Cenex does. That's why leading producers have relied on the proven performance of Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel for so many years. It's a true premium diesel that's expressly formulated to meet all the rugged demands of farming, from unrelenting time constraints to grueling loads and heavy PTO demands.

Cenex's premium additive package and high quality base fuel work together to keep your equipment in top shape, while optimizing power and performance, delivering benefits that go right to your bottom line.

Try Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and discover these advantages:

  • Up to 5% improved fuel economy*
  • Up to 4.5% more power for pulling long hills and heavy loads*
  • Soy and other friction-reducing agents to protect pumps and reduce downtime
  • High cetane for quicker starts, smoother running and longer engine life

Learn more about the benefits of Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster, and Cenex's exclusive additive package, in the Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Brochure.

*Regular use of Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster can provide up to 5% more fuel efficiency and up to 4.5% more power compared with standard #2 diesel, as shown in independent testing. Actual results may vary based on equipment and operating conditions.




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