History of the Garden City Co-op, Inc.

Following is an extensive history of the Garden City Co-op.  Click on one of the points of interest to go directly to that section.  From time to time, more history will be added.

Points of Interest:

R.J. Ackley - Garden City Co-op Founder
T.M. Jones - Ally of R.J. Ackley
W.G. Hopkins - Garden City Co-op Manager (1929-1938)
The Startup of the Garden City Co-op
The Original Charter Members
The First Newspaper Ad
Original Station Opening Day - April 27, 1929
In Memory of Herbert W. Clutter
In Memory of Chester Lee Reeve
Past Board of Directors
Past Associate Directors
Past General Managers
Employee Hall of Fame - 20 Years Service
History of our Elevators

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