Custom Application


Custom Application

Garden City Co-op has all of the application equipment and support vehicles to apply any fertilizer and/or chemical products sold. Whether it is dry or liquid fertilizer, chemical, or even anhydrous ammonia, we have an application solution for you.

Dry Application

With two Air Flow Dry Applicators, Garden City Co-op is ready to spread dry fertilizer when and where you want it. From low rate dryland application to high rate potato application, we have the products and equipment to handle the job. Also available is the option of impregnating chemical or additives to the dry fertilizer to save an additional application.  To support the application units, there are numerous tandem tender trucks as well as a transport dry unit to get the dry product to the field to keep the rigs rolling. Call the sales staff at the Garden City Co-op to get the details today.

Liquid Application

Garden City Co-op has two John Deere Row Crop Spray Applicators to handle the smallest to the biggest of jobs. With narrow spacing on the boom nozzles, we can match the proper nozzles and spacing to the chemical and/or fertilizer being applied, from ultra-low gallon rates to high fertilizer rates. Each rig is supported by a truck and spray trailer to help eliminate trips to the field. There are also numerous tank trucks available to support the rigs in the field.

Ammonia Application

Garden City Co-op has four 4-Wheel Drive John Deere Tractors with each having a 5,000 gallon ammonia caddy pulled behind it. These units are supported by transport loads delivered directly to the field resulting in less handling of the product than through traditional 1,000 gallon trailers making it more efficient and much safer. These units can pull 60 foot chisel toolbars, 60 foot minimum till coulter toolbars, or 16 row strip till units which are also equipped with dry fertilizer application carts enabling them to dual apply ammonia and dry in one pass. Each unit is capable of applying 200+ acres a day, depending on the toolbar being used at the time, enabling the grower to concentrate on other projects or tasks. Call the Lowe Elevator and talk to the sales staff to learn more about these units.

Garden City Co-op also has a high speed ammonia application toolbar that we are currently using and testing for John Deere. It pulls traditional 1,000 gallon nurse tanks that are equipped with a special hitch and hose connection unit allowing the operator to hook up to and unhook from the tractor seat without ever having to get out of the tractor cab. This unit is available to apply ammonia either preplant or as a side-dress application as the coulter units are on 30" center spacing. Call the sales staff at Garden City Co-op to check out this innovative unit on your farm today.

Contact the Garden City Co-op Crop Production Division for all your custom application needs by calling:

Lowe Office: 620-277-2230
Dighton Office: 620-397-2437

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