Fertilizer Market Update for 9-18-2015:            AVAIL & NutriSphere-N


Crop Production Marketing 

Tim Giesick, Vice President Crop Production
Phone: 620-275-6161
Cell: 620-272-6691
Email: timg@gccoop.com
Michael Kempke, Director of Precision Ag
Phone: 620-277-2230
Cell: 620-271-3446
Email: mkempke@gccoop.com
Deanne Unruh, Crop Production Purchasing Manager
Phone: 620-275-6161
Cell: 620-253-4131
Email: dunruh@gccoop.com
Crop Production Marketing Staff
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Center Pivot - 360° 

Get a 360 view on top of a field center pivot irrigation system!


GCC Agronomy Update - NOW Is The Time To Manage Weeds In Your Fields 

Dighton area Sales Manager & Agronomist, Mark Vance, talks about why it is so important to stay on top of managing weeds during this busy time of year.  


Ogallala Aquifer Sustainability Study

May 25, 2016

The Garden City Co-op's Precision Ag team along with K-State and other companies are working on a sustainability study that may help prolong irrigation from the Ogallala Aquifer. Michael Kempke talks about the multi field irrigation study and Agronomist Lakin Dreiling focuses on the collection of data and how it is used for placement of the Aqua Spy probes.




Aqua Spy Moisture Probes

Our Precision Ag team has been busy installing several moisture probes around the area.

Precision Ag specialist Bryan Moser talks about the probe and the many benefits of having one in your field.




GCC Crop Progress Report

May 9, 2016



GCC Agronomist Stacy McVey from our southern territory talks about fall crop planting for corn and milo.

He also talks about crop progress, and things to look out for when planting milo crops.   Recent rainfall has led to good subsoil moisture, which is helping get a good start this year.

Corn Prep:  Late Season Fertilizer Application

May 6, 2016



GCC Agronomist Stacy McVey from our southern territory talks about prepping farm ground by applying a late season fertilizer.

Winter Wheat Update:  Stripe Rust
May 6, 2016


GCC Agronomist Stacy McVey from our southern territory talks about the progress of winter wheat, and the stripe rust that he's been seeing.

He also addresses the threat of aphids.

Precision Ag: Productivity
April 26, 2016

Get more productivity out of your fields by contacting a member of your Garden City Co-op's Precision Ag team.

Winter Wheat Update
April 11, 2016

Kyle Korf gives an update on the progress of the winter wheat crop, and what steps might be beneficial in the health of your crop.

Dekalb Brand Seed
December 14, 2015

GCC salesman, Logan Dreiling, talks about the benefits and quality of service you can expect when buying your Dekalb brand seed from the Garden City Coop.

Stripe Rust
Treated vs Untreated

June 15, 2015

Fortix Fungicide
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GCC Ag Moment: Now Is The Time To Apply Alfalfa Top Dress
January 20, 2015

Ask your local GCC agronomist how we can help you get a head start managing your alfalfa crop.

Kyle Korf, Garden City Co-op Crop Specialist

Ryan Kennedy, Garden City Co-op Crop Specialist

The Latest Advances in Soil Moisture Monitoring
December 16, 2014

Acessing Hail Damage

Things to Consider:

  • Be patient. Damage usually looks worst right after the event. Give the crop a week to evaluate.
  • Entering rapid growth stage. Plants putting new leaves on every 2-3 days.
  • Hail may have caused stalk bruising which could contribute to standability concerns later in the season.
  • Defoliation will encourage weed pressure once residual herbicides start to break down.
  • Both defoliation and stand loss have occurred. Please refer to the provided Hail Guide below for evaluation tips.

Possible management applications:
  • Fungicide applications to improve plant health and help prevent diseases due to stresses put upon plant.
  • Nitrogen applications that contain strong concentrations of sulfer. (ie. ATS 12-0-0-26, and 28-0-0-5).

Evaluating Hail Damage to Corn
(A guide to help you evaluate your damage.)

Contact your local Garden City Co-op agronomists to discuss agronomic solutions due to recent hail events.

Ryan Kennedy - 620-290-3512
Kyle Korf - 620-290-4821
Trevor Witt - 620-640-8151
Eric Konrade - 620-640-4713
Joey Kuehler - 620-290-1092
Logan Dreiling - 620-290-1213

October 23, 2014

Kochia Management
February 24, 2014

Cutworm Management
February 24, 2014

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New Spray Rig at Dighton
October 9, 2013

Fall Wheat Production Tips
October 8, 2013

2013 Crop Plot Tour
August 28, 2013

Click here to go to the 2013 Crop Plot Tour Webpage

Garden City Crop Production Office

Located at: 112 E. Santa Fe, Garden City, KS 67846

Phone: 620-275-6161

Lowe Crop Production OfficeDighton Crop Production OfficeLocated at: 6915 W. Lowe Road, Holcomb, KS 67851Located at: 201 W. George, Dighton, KS 67839Phone: 620-277-2230Phone: 620-397-2437Toll Phone: 800-972-9842Fax: 620-277-0324Agronomy

The Garden City Co-op Crop Production Division is headquartered out of the Lowe Elevator office north of Holcomb, KS. We also have an office located in Dighton, KS. Both locations have knowledgeable sales and production staff to help you with all of your fertilizer, chemical, seed, and other crop production needs. There is also a full line of different custom application options available for fertilizer, chemical, and anhydrous ammonia to fill any of your application needs. Most of the storage capacity for fertilizer, chemical, and seed is at the Lowe location and from there is distributed to Dighton and other locations, including customer delivery. Multiple satellite ammonia plants are strategically placed throughout the Garden City Co-op territory providing customers with timely access to ammonia in their specific area.


Input Financing

The Garden City Co-op sales team is associated with several different companies to assist in your financing needs. FarmPlan offers several crop input programs that allow growers to lock in an attractive interest rate and carry their input costs usually until after the crop is harvested. They also work in conjunction with the Garden City Co-op to occasionally offer special low rate or no rate finance plans that vary each year and with each crop.

CFA (The Cooperative Finance Association, Inc.) is also associated with the Garden City Co-op in offering flexible finance options for crop inputs. Depending on the time of year and the programs available, they are able to design a finance package for almost every need on your farm.

Rabo Bank financing is also available for those people that prefer to work with them. They offer competitive rates and offer programs that allow growers to tailor a finance plan that works for them.

Contact any of the sales team or staff in the Crop Production Division of the Garden City Co-op or contact the Credit Manager, Phyllis Orozco, in the Main Office to discuss the many financing options available today.

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First Aid for Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure

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Latest Updates -- GC PhosPlus ..... The Ultimate Response!

Got Kochia ..... We Got Answers!

Make the Most of Your Fertilizer Investment with AVAIL & NutriSphere-N

6-8 tillers vs 1-3 tillers... Which Do You Choose?

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