Tips on taking care of weeds in post season wheat and in season corn

A GCC member cultivates a field of corn.  Photo by Trevor Hands. 

Proper weed management for corn and post season wheat will be the name of the game this season, says Plymell area Sales Manager and Agronomist, Eric Konrade.  

With a lack of moisture for winter wheat, the crop is shorter and thinner than normal, which will allow for great conditions to see an increase in weed pressure.  Staying ahead of the weeds now will save a lot of headache down the road.  "When you guys are out on the combine, you might take mental notes to...document on what kind of weeds you are going to have to deal with...after harvest."  Konrade recommends a herbicide with multiple modes of action combined with a residual herbicide.  However, caution will need to be taken if you plan on planting wheat again next season.

The corn crop also is not without it's share of challenges, Konrade says.  "There is a lot of volunteer - mainly due to the dryness this winter and a lot of fields last fall, it was wet and guys couldn't get there fast enough and the corn dried down on us too fast so there will be some cultivating going on this year."

Konrade recommends applying a layby herbicide after cultivating to decrease weed pressure and minimize its competition with your corn crop.    

Contact your local sales manager & agronomist with any further questions on this or other concerns by calling us 620-275-6161.